Product Overview

The Vision Plan is a regular premium, unit-linked, life insurance plan without guarantees. It is designed to help you build up a lump sum by saving regularly over a medium to long term.

With the Vision Plan, your money accesses the growth potential of the world’s financial markets as it invests in a range of investment funds, each with varying potential for return.

How your money is invested depends on how much investment risk you are prepared to accept. Everyone’s attitude to risk is different. However with a choice of over 180 investment funds across a number of risk categories, you can decide on a balance of funds that fits your personal investment requirements at a level of risk that you are comfortable with.

When you start your Plan, you select your savings duration to allow you to meet your financial objectives. The minimum premium payment term is five years.

Taking control

You can switch investment funds when you need to, giving you the control to manage your Plan in line with your changing circumstances.

You can also adjust the amount that you invest to accommodate changes in your savings priorities by increasing or decreasing your premiums at any time or by taking a premium holiday. You can also top-up your Vision Plan with a single premium at any time.1

Rewards for your loyalty

The Vision Plan offers a number of built-in reward features that make it even more attractive for you to save – loyalty bonuses if you save for ten years or more and extra allocations the more that you invest.

For more details on the features of the Vision Plan, click on Features.

1 Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details.

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