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Our efficient and streamlined claims service results in prompt assessment and payment of claims. Any financial worries or claim related concerns that employees may have are alleviated, allowing them to focus on getting better and returning to work.

  1. Making a claim for benefit
    In the event of a claim, the following simple steps should be taken to allow us to process the claim:
  2. Request the relevant Income Protection claim form by emailing
    Both the employer and the employee will need to complete the relevant claim forms and return them to us along with supporting documentation including absence records, pay slips, job description and relevant personal identification.
  3. Upon receipt of the claim documentation, we will write to the employee’s treating physician and/or General Practitioner to obtain detailed medical information.
exclamationEarly notification of a claim means that we can intervene early and support an employee’s successful return to work. Read more about the Early Intervention Programme

Assessment and payment of the claim

The claims assessment stage involves examining the medical evidence provided in relation to the employee’s condition, assessing the severity, likely duration and the extent to which it affects the employee’s ability to perform their job. Once all of the required medical information is received, we will make a decision on the claim within five working days, informing the employer of our decision who will in turn advise the claimant.

Where a claim is accepted, payment will be made promptly. Where a claim is declined, the reason for declining will be explained and in the case of a dispute, a claims appeal process is available.

Ongoing assessment and support

As part of the claims review process, we will periodically request the employee to supply updated medical information about their condition. This will typically coincide with one of the employee’s normal GP visits to avoid extra expense, or we may require the employee to attend an independent medical examination at our expense.

The ultimate result of effective claims management is to provide options to get the employee back to working in a suitable position within the organisation. Where appropriate, we will propose a Rehabilitation or Reintegration Programme to support an employee’s recovery and return to work. Read more about our programmes.

Completed claim forms

Please send completed claim forms to:

Income Protection Claims Management Team
Utmost Corporate Solutions
Navan Business Park
Co Meath
C15 CCW8

Important note: Completed claim forms should be with us 10 weeks before the end of the deferred period to ensure there is no delay in payment. If you are unsure of the deferred period that applies to your policy please contact your Human Resources department.

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