Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection provides a regular income if an employee cannot work due to disability, illness or injury.

EB_Income Protect

Payment of the benefit is normally deferred for a specified length of time. This period, known as the ‘deferred period’, is agreed for each company scheme and is typically 13, 26 or 52 weeks.

The income benefit can be arranged as a flat monthly amount or it can be set to increase during the course of payment to provide some protection against future inflation. It can be paid until retirement or death, if the employee is never able to return to work.

Alternatively an employer may choose ‘Limited Term Disability’ cover which means that the benefit payments are paid for a specified period of time only e.g. 5 years.

Loss of income due to illness or injury is a real worry for employees. With Utmost PanEurope’s Group Income Protection plan an employer can help provide peace of mind for their employees and, at the same time, attract and retain staff.

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