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We make a world of difference to people’s lives by providing exceptional employee benefits that are simple, transparent and accessible. Based on our specialist expertise and experience, versatility and exceptional service.

As Ireland’s only specialist Group Risk provider, Utmost PanEurope currently protects over 250,000 Irish employees of over 300 of the largest employer groups. We work in partnership with Irish employers of all sizes and across all industry sectors to put in place market-leading Group Risk solutions that meet the evolving needs of their businesses and their employees.

Relative to other types of Corporate Solutions, Group Risk benefits are inexpensive for employers to offer. They are a key element of any remuneration package as they help to attract and retain high-calibre employees, especially in an active jobs market.

We provide three main Group Risk products:

Additional Benefits

We also offer Additional benefits that can be built in to an employer’s Group Risk plan. These include spouse’s and children’s pension, lump sum benefits on accidental death and dismemberment as well as cover that ensures premium payments are continued in the event of an employee’s long term disability.

Flexible Benefit Plans

The majority of corporate Group Risk benefits offered by Irish employers are compulsory for employees as the cost is paid by the employer, based on defined eligibility conditions.

Utmost Corporate Solutions also offers flexibility and choice to employees on employer sponsored schemes across all benefits covered. It allows employers to offer their employees choice as the traditional one size fits all approach does not always meet the requirements of a diverse workforce. It facilitates employees to top up their benefits, to suit their personal circumstances. From the employers’ perspective, this can have a significant effect on recruitment and retention as well as having a positive impact on overall staff engagement, morale and loyalty.

Voluntary Group Risk schemes

We can also arrange voluntary Group Risk schemes whereby employees or members of an affinity group can opt to join the scheme if they value one or more of the benefits on offer.

Global insight, tailored solutions

Utmost PanEurope is part of the Generali Corporate Solutions Network (GEB). GEB is a global leader in the Corporate Solutions market, serving more than 1,500 multinational companies in more than 100 countries around the world.

We are therefore uniquely positioned to meet the needs of employers with multinational Group Risk requirements.  Our dedicated and experienced Group Risk team, coupled with the global strength of GEB, enables us to offer unparalleled solutions to our business partners and clients.


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