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Utmost Wealth Solutions offers a range of investment and savings solutions to customers who are resident in selected countries across Europe. Our products are suitable if you have a lump sum to invest or you want to build up a lump sum by saving regularly.

Private Wealth Portfolio is a highly specialised unit-linked life insurance investment solution designed exclusively for the needs of high and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Private Wealth Portfolio provides wealth protection to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, corporates, fiduciaries and trusts who have €500,000 or more of liquid assets to invest over the medium-long term and are able and willing to take some risks.

Private Wealth Portfolio is currently available in Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal.

Utmost Wealth Solutions also offers a wider range of investment and savings products to customers who are resident in selected countries across Europe.

In good hands with Utmost Wealth Solutions

Our location in Ireland is fundamental to the products that we can offer you; the high standard of legislation and client protection in Ireland provides you with an extra layer of security and, in addition, your savings and investments will accumulate without liability to Irish taxes*.

*Provided you are not resident in Ireland for tax purposes.

Our savings and investment products are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of the EU member state in which the policyholder is habitually resident on the Policy Commencement Date.

We’re here to make a wealth of difference.

“A wealth of difference” stands for the positive difference we make to growing, protecting and passing on wealth. Based on our combined wealth of expertise, experience, understanding, service and technical support.

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