Utmost PanEurope provides a range of investment and pension products for Finnish residents. Our products can offer you excellent investment choices and can successfully adapt to your changing financial circumstances and priorities.

We currently offer three products in the Finnish market:

Vision Plan

Our Vision Plan is a regular premium, unit-linked, life insurance plan without guarantees. This plan allows you to save regularly and make additional lump sum payments at any time. It is designed for medium to long term investment and offers a wide range of funds for you to select from, depending on your risk appetite.

Professional Portfolio Plan

The Professional Portfolio Plan is a single premium life insurance plan that is suitable for medium to long-term investment. This product gives you the opportunity to build a diverse portfolio from a wide range of assets including equities, investment funds and fixed interest securities. You also have the choice to personally manage your portfolio or use a Portfolio Manager.

Advantage (Corporate) Plan

If you are an employer, the Advantage (Corporate) Plan can provide a tax efficient way for you to provide additional attractive benefits for your key employees. This product is a regular premium, unit-linked, pension plan without guarantees that can provide your employees with an additional income upon reaching retirement.

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