Advantage (Corporate) Plan

The Advantage (Corporate) Plan is an effective solution for providing key employees with a supplementary retirement benefit. Here are some of the key features of this product:

Retirement Benefit Choices 

There is choice as to how the pension benefit is paid, and this can be changed at any time up until the commencement of payment:

  • Age of commencement – choose between the employee’s minimum statutory retirement age (see table below) and 76th birthday.
  • Birth year Pension age (years)
    1957 or earlier 68
    1958 – 1961 69
    1962 or later 70
  • Frequency – choose between monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual payments.
  • Amount – choose any amount between €75 and the statutory maximum. The amount chosen will determine the length of time the pension benefit is paid (currently the statutory minimum payment term is 10 years).


Recognised as a leading client protection regime in Europe, Ireland provides an extra layer of security, and the Planholders and employees of an Advantage (Corporate) Plan will benefit from the protection provided by Irish legislation.

Instant access to the Plan details 

Our online Investments Service Centre gives Planholders the ability to securely monitor their pension investments. A Planholder can:

  • View the Plan details, including the current value.
  • Access Annual Valuation Statements.
  • Obtain information on fund prices and performance.
  • Perform fund switches and redirections.

To register for this facility click here to go to the Investments Service Centre

Payment alternatives 

Regular premiums can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. Lump sums can be paid at any time, in addition to regular premiums.

Variable premiums 

Regular premiums can be increased, decreased or put on hold. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for the requirements and impact on charges.

Currency choice 

Premiums are accepted in Euro, US dollar, pound Sterling or Swedish krona.

Variable bonuses

Loyalty rewards are payable for consistent premium payments from year 10 onwards. On the 10th anniversary a bonus of 5% of the regular premiums paid will be allocated to the Plan, provided certain conditions are met. Additional bonuses (5% of all regular premiums paid in the previous five years) will be added on the 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th anniversaries within the premium payment term.

The loyalty bonus will not be paid on Plans that are paid-up, in arrears or have taken a ‘premium holiday’

Enhanced allocations 

The Plan allocates a greater percentage of the premium invested, the greater the amount that is contributed. The allocation rate is 101% for contributions of €3,600 a year to 105% for contributions of more than €15,000 a year.

Advantage (Corporate) Plan – Finland

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