Professional Portfolio Plan

The Professional Portfolio Plan offers many features that provide exceptional flexibility, control and growth opportunities for your investment assets.

Investment choice and flexibility  

You can select from a range of more than 180 investment funds from leading fund houses. You can also transfer in your existing investment holdings – these are restricted to cash, listed shares, bonds, collective funds, structured notes and Exchange Traded Funds.

Additional investments  

If you have additional investments worth €5,000 or more, you can add these to your Plan.

Surrender options  

You can access the proceeds of your Professional Portfolio Plan in full or in part whenever you want, but you should be aware that:

  • the minimum partial surrender you can make is €5,000;
  • the level of the liquidity of your Plan must not fall below 20% of the total of all the premiums you have paid;
  • your surrender request must be in writing, and
  • there may be delays in disposing of some of the underlying assets in certain circumstances.

Tax efficiency  

The returns on our investment funds grow free of Irish tax deductions, and full or partial surrender of your Plan is not liable to Irish tax, provided that you are not resident in Ireland for tax purposes.

Life Cover 

Life cover of 101% of the investment value of your Plan is automatically included.

Currency choice 

You can choose to pay your premiums in Euro, US dollar, Pound Sterling or Swedish Krona.

Overdraft facility 

You can avail of an overdraft facility of up to 20% of the value of your Plan. This is useful if you want to fund the purchase of a new asset through the sale of an existing one, but you can’t secure the sale proceeds quickly enough or where a timing difference could affect your ability to capitalise on the market and you need to purchase an asset immediately.

Instant access to your Plan details 

Through our online Investment Service Centre you have secure access to your Plan details, and you have the ability to monitor and control your investments. You can:

  • View your Plan details, including the current value.
  • Obtain information on fund prices and performance.
  • Review Quarterly and Annual Valuation Statements.
  • Perform online dealing
  • Perform fund switches and redirections.

To avail of this facility, you need to register first. Click to go to the Investments Service Centre.

Professional Portfolio Plan – Finland

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