Professional Portfolio Plan

The Professional Portfolio Plan is a whole of life life insurance investment policy where the benefits are linked to the performance of a portfolio of investment assets.

This Plan is suitable if you have a medium to long term investment outlook. The minimum investment is €50,000 in a lump sum premium or investment assets, or a combination of both.

Investment flexibility and control

The Professional Portfolio Plan from Utmost PanEurope allows you to create your own unique investment portfolio. You can transfer your existing investment holdings into the portfolio such as cash, collective funds, shares and bonds, or you can select from our exceptional range of international funds that give you access to a wide range of asset classes and regional markets. You can also choose a combination of both.

The Professional Portfolio Plan gives you the control to manage your own investment portfolio or alternatively you can choose to appoint a portfolio manager.

However you decide to structure and manage your portfolio, you will benefit from the superior administration service provided by Utmost PanEurope as well as the beneficial tax environment afforded by our location in Ireland.

The advantages of the Professional Portfolio Plan are yours to enjoy – for more details, click on Key Features.

Professional Portfolio Plan – Finland

Key Features

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