Compass Plan

Compass is packed with helpful features that make it an ideal solution for your investment needs.

The Contract Basis 

There are two options on the contract basis for your plan:

1. Whole of Life option
This provides for benefits to be paid on either:

  • Surrender; or
  • Death of the Relevant Life Assured (to the Beneficiary)

2. Maturity Date option
This provides for benefits to be paid on:

  • Surrender; or
  • Survival of the relevant Life Assured (to the Beneficiary); or
  • Death of the relevant Life Assured (to the Beneficiary)

Surrender Benefits 

You can access the proceeds of your Compass Policy at any time by:
Surrendering individual policies which will reduce the number of policies within your overall Policy (subject to a minimum surrender of €5,000)
Taking regular partial surrenders across from one, some or all policies (the minimum regular partial surrender is €500).
Fully surrendering all your policies.

Death Benefit 

A Death Benefit of 100% of the value of the policies will be paid upon the death of the relevant Life Assured.

Survival Benefit 

If you opt for a Maturity Date contract basis, a Survival Benefit of 100% of the value of the policies is payable upon the survival of the relevant Life Assured at the Maturity Date.

The Investment Strategy 

Your financial advisor will help you decide on a suitable Investment Strategy that is based on your attitude to risk and your financial goals. Utmost PanEurope will then set up a unique ‘Dedicated Internal Fund’ which will be managed by an external asset manager in accordance with your chosen Strategy.


If you are a UK expatriate, Compass offers portability. This means that you can take the product with you, should you decide to return to the UK.

Payment options 

The minimum initial premium is €100,000. You can make additional payments of €5,000 or more at any time.

Currency choice 

You can choose to pay your premiums in Euro, US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Swiss Franc.

Tax efficiency 

The returns on your investment will grow free of Irish tax deductions until you make a partial or full surrender of your Compass Policy.

Compass Plan – Portugal

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