Compass Plan

Utmost PanEurope offers the Compass Plan to residents and expatriates in Portugal. This product offers a range of investment strategies, and you can select the approach that works best for you and your money.

Navigate your future

The Compass plan is a life insurance policy that consists of a collection of single premium, unit-linked life insurance policies, each known as a segment. Each segment is a policy within its own right and is designed to add flexibility to the Compass plan.

Compass offers you an exceptional combination of investment choice and tax advantages, and its unique features will adapt to your evolving investment needs.

It is designed for lump sum investments and the minimum initial premium is €100,000. You can also make additional contributions at any time. Compass is always accessible so you can make partial, regular partial and full surrenders if you need to.

Compass is suitable for medium to long term investment – a longer investment period will give time for the short-term ups and downs of the investments to level out. It has no fixed duration, but you can set a maturity date which you can extend if you need to.

Putting you in control

Compass gives you choice from the outset and throughout the life of the Policy. Working closely with your financial advisor you can choose both the contract basis and the investment strategy – putting you firmly in control of your financial objectives.

Choosing the right contract basis can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are looked after should anything happen to you.

Selecting the right investment strategy will give you the confidence that you can meet your financial objectives. Your financial advisor will help you to select the right investment strategy, based on your attitude to risk and your financial goals.

An asset manager will then manage your chosen strategy, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your investment is being managed by a trusted professional.

Compass allows you to take advantage of what the investment world has to offer within a tailored product that is fully compliant with local regulations.

For more details on the features of our Compass plan, click on Key Features.

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