Private Wealth Portfolio

Utmost PanEurope can provide you with a market leading solution to achieve your wealth management objectives. We offer a flexible contract, confidentiality and the freedom to choose your investment strategy.

A flexible investment approach

Private Wealth Portfolio is a single premium, whole of life unit-linked insurance policy. It is specially designed for investors who are resident in Spain, and particularly for those who have sophisticated and complex wealth management requirements.

It offers you an exceptional combination of investment choice and tax advantages. It also enables effective wealth transmission planning with unique features that will adapt to your evolving needs.

The policy is designed for lump sum investments of at least EUR 500,000. Additional contributions can be made at any time. You may also pay your premium by transferring an existing portfolio of your assets to Utmost PanEurope, subject to our approval. The policy is always accessible so you can make partial and full surrenders when you need to.

Effective management of your tax liabilities is essential to optimising wealth management. Private Wealth Portfolio is designed to help you minimise your tax obligations while fully in accordance with Spanish legislation.

Investment diversity

Utmost PanEurope has carefully designed a solution that permits discretionary asset managers, appointed by us, to manage a wide range of assets within their portfolios. Private Wealth Portfolio gives an appointed asset manager the ability and discretion to manage a truly multi-asset policy on your behalf.

Utmost PanEurope works with many asset managers that are compliant with Spanish tax deferral regulations, and they offer different investment strategies that we have approved.

At the outset, you will select one of the following investment options, in line with your existing investment conditions, requirements and your attitude to risk. The asset manager will manage your Private Wealth Portfolio within the parameters you set:

  • Option 1: Your investment strategy has access to a wide range of assets including equities, bonds, currencies, UCITS and other types of investment funds that are permitted in Ireland. Once this investment strategy has been selected, it cannot be changed.
  • Option 2: You can select from different funds that are either UCITS or registered in Spain. You can also choose from different groups of assets pre-determined by Utmost PanEurope and that are suitable for the investments of Spanish insurance companies. This option allows you to switch throughout the life of the policy.

Private Wealth Portfolio allows an asset manager to achieve a bespoke wealth preservation strategy for you, coupled with the benefits of confidentiality, asset protection, tax-optimisation and wealth transmission planning.

For details of other benefits that Private Wealth Portfolio can offer you, click on Features.

Important information: The value of your policy is linked to the value of the underlying assets and is exposed to market fluctuations. As a consequence, the value of your policy may fall as well as rise.



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