Company Overview

Our position in the Utmost group

We became part of the Utmost group of companies in 2018.

We will play a key role in Utmost Wealth Solutions development as a market leading, specialist wealth manager with a global footprint.

We enhance the Utmost Wealth Solutions brand because we are already a leader in the European unit-linked wealth management market, with a major presence in the Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Scandinavian and UK private insurance and wealth management markets.

We also have a major presence in the Irish and Pan European employee benefits market which offers significant expansion opportunities and ability to leverage into other European markets.

Our location in Ireland

Our strength as a product provider is further enhanced by the safeguards and regulatory integrity that Ireland can provide. Ireland is one of the largest cross-border life assurance centres in Europe. Irish regulations are governed by EU insurance directives and provide maximum policyholder protection in an optimal tax environment.

Our knowledge and expertise

Our products are marketed on a Freedom of Services basis and we are authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to transact cross-border life assurance business in the European Union. We operate in a number of European countries so one of our core strengths is the technical knowledge and expertise we have developed in each of our chosen local markets.

Our employees

Another key strength is our people. Since our establishment in 1999, we have grown significantly and now employ over 150 experienced staff comprising 11 different nationalities.

Our Management

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